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The company was founded in 1973. It deals with the initial design and construction of special machinery for the industrial sector. Then you closer to the market of catering and specializes in manufacturing machines for pizza. PizzaGroup ® is the leading provider of dynamic and innovative market leader in developing and manufacturing equipment reliable, efficient […]



Everlasting Blast Freezer Chiller

                                          Thanks to Everlasting’s innovative dynamic fresh technology, today’s professional chef can organize daily work more simply and profitably, while guaranteeing that the quality will be protected, all the while surpassing HACCP guidelines for food […]


Adler is a reality since 1960, when from anancient “Spinning Mill” it turns into a new and innovative manufacturing industry specialized in all kind of professional dishwashers.Adler’s decades experience on the market brought the company to have a wide network of clients all around the world. Our product is strictly controlled and carefully tested to […]




Established in 1990, EUROPA s.r.l. is a company specialized in the production of ovens and other equipment for bread, pizza, pastry and biscuit making. The strong entrepreneurship of the company’s management, the long experience of a dynamic team of qualified technicians and the professional competence of a closely-knit workgroup always ready to foresee the real […]

Charcoal Oven – X-Oven

SAVING ENERGY, SPACE AND TIME X-OVEN takes up little space, allows saving time, reduces consumption and increases productivity in the kitchen. Maximum efficiency X-OVEN’s productivity is significantly higher compared to all other grill cooking systems, with a much higher speed of service and energy efficiency than any other cooking system employing solid, liquid or electric […]